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Concert model

French harpsichord, 2 keyboards, GOUJON

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Double keyboard FRENCH HARPSICHORD after Jean-Claude GOUJON.

J.Cl. Goujon was a XVIIIth century French harpsichordmaker . At that time, the French makers used to copy XVIIth century Flemish instruments but progressively softened the sound. J.Cl. Goujon is situated in the middle of this transition: he has left the very harmonic Flemish sound, present, fleshy, polyphonic and not yet reached the late French sound, round, with the instruments played with the ends of the fingers, delicate, a little affected and distant.

J.Claude Goujon’s harpsichord is a full, worthy, royal instrument...expressing to perfection the pomp and refinement of the great century.

Concert model

Compass: 5 octaves, 61 notes from FF to f3.

Disposition:Two stops of 8 feet, one of 4’.
On the upper manual, buff 8’ stop, with lute stop.
On the lower manual , stronger 8’ , and 4’, Shove coupler to join the two manuals.

Keyboard: Ebony naturals, bone-topped sharps.
Carved keyfronts in boxwood.

Dimensions: 2m34 x 0m98

Decoration: The case is painted with the colour of your choice with bands and mouldings gilded with gold leaf.

Stand: Trestle stand with four turned legs, period stands optional.

Transposition: 415/440 Herz

Price: 27 700 €