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French harpsichord, 1 keyboard after BLANCHET

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Here is an extremely typified instrument of the French school: the bass notes are round and clear like a drum, the treble is almost ethereal... Mannered, it is a light, airy instrument, to be played with the tips of the fingers which expresses to perfection the delicacy of XVIII century French music.

The refinement of this harpsichord can be seen in its detailed finishing, including effects of perspective on the bridges. It is the evidence of a rare understanding, and admirable mastery .

Concert model

Compass: 5 octaves , 58 notes from GG to e3 .
Disposition : Two 8’ stops . Lute stop.
Keyboard : Ebony naturals , bone-topped sharps.
Carved keyfronts in boxwood .
Dimensions : 2m20 x 0m90
Decoration : The case is painted with the colour of your choice with bands and mouldings gilded with gold leaf.
Stand : Trestle stand with four turned legs .Period stands optional .
Transposition : 415/440 Hertz

Prix: 17 200 € TTC