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Concert model


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After to an anonymous model of the beginning of the 17th century

A very small and very light Italian spinet. This type of instrument has probably been very common in the first half of the 17th century in Italy since there are still many of them, often anonymous models.

To play you have to put it on a table - and if you have no space, the rest of the time you can hang it on the wall. The ideal instrument for travelling, weekends or holiday.
Its tone is typically Italian: sharp and brilliant, its touch is very light.

Concert model

Compass: 52 notes from H1 to D3.

Disposition: 1 eight-foot register.

Keyboard: Boxwood naturals, walnut or ebony sharps, front surfaces of boxwood with bents.

Dimensions: 1,51 m x 0,53 m

Weight: 11 kg

Decoration: Case of waxed cypress wood.

Stand: None – the instrument is put on a table or an X trestle.

Transposing: 440 Hz, no transposing.

Prix: 8 900 € TTC