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Concert model

Italian harpsichord, 1 keyboard, GRIMALDI

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A large Italian harpsichord with very elegant lines the Grimaldi has a long, thin and exceptionally curved bentside. In waxed cypress, it is pure and sumptuous.

The Italian harpsichord has a remarkably different sound from the French and Flemish characterized by a powerful attack very effective in continuo playing.

The sound is brilliant, clean, and quite sweet with a 18th century timbre : a very laudable sparkle.

Technical description:

Compass: 5 octaves, 63 notes from FF to g3.

Disposition: Two stops of 8 feet

Keyboard: Boxwood naturals, ebony sharps. Carved keyfronts in walnut.

Dimensions: 2m48 x 1m, 40 kilos

Decoration : Case of waxed cypress

Stand: Turned Italian style legs

Transposition: 392/415/440/466 Hertz

The instrument is delivered with a light transport case.

Price: 17 900 €