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GOUJON spinet

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French Spinet after "J.Cl. GOUJON"

J.Cl. Goujon is an XVIIIth century harpsichord maker. At that time, the French builders used to copy XVIIth century Flemish instruments, softening the sound progressively. J.Cl. Goujon is situated in the middle of this transition. The instruments no longer have the Flemish harmonic, present, rich, polyphonic sound.

But have not yet entirely developed the late French sound, round, mannered, the instruments played with the tips of the fingers, delicately and a little distant. J.Cl. Goujon s spinet is thus a very balanced instrument on which one can play with the equal pleasure French music and the northern and polyphonic repertoire

Technical description

Compass : 5 octaves, 61 notes from FF to f3 without the lower FF sharp

Disposition : One stop of 8 .

Keyboard : Ebony naturals, bone-topped sharps. Carved keyfronts in boxwood.

Dimensions : 1m84 x 0m75

Décoration : The case is painted with the colour of your choice with bands and mouldings gilded with gold leaf.

Stand : 3 fluted Louis XVI legs.

Transposition : 415/440 Herz

Price: 10 700 € TTC