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Flemish harpsichord, 1 keyboard, DELIN

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Single keyboard FLEMISH HARPSICHORD after Albertus DELIN.

It is a large single keyboard harpsichord. The bass sounds strong and very rich, the treble is fleshy and present. The polyphonic repertory is particularly suited to this instrument; as well as the Flemish and German music.

Although Albertus DELIN worked in the XVIII century, he remained completely faithful to what was considered the apogee of musical aesthetics, slightly before his era in his country in the XVII century. But in the 18th century the compass of keyboards was much wider, so it was possible to perform almost everything written for the harpsichord.

Concert model

Compass: 5 octaves, 58 notes from GG to e3.

Disposition: Two stops of 8 feet.
Lute stop.

Keyboard: Ebony naturals, bone-topped sharps.
Carved keyfronts in boxwood.

Dimensions: 2m24 x 0m90

Decoration: The case is painted in the colour of your choice with bands and mouldings gilded with gold leaf.

Stand: Trestle stand with four turned legs. Period stands optional.

Transposition: 415/440 Herz

Transposition : 415/440 Hertz

Prix: 16 400 € TTC