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Concert model

Francoflemish harpsichord, 2 keyboards, RÜCKERS-TASKIN

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Double manual Francoflemish harpsichord after Rückers-Taskin.

The Flemish musical instrument construction achieved its peak with the Rückers familty. Andreas Rückers constructed 1646 a magnificent Flemish instrument: very rich sound in the upper harmonics, very small keyboard, archaic mechanism.

One century later the sound of this instrument was still very much admired but because of its mechanism which was outdated in the 18th century and of its tone range, it was no longer able to be used. The sound did change considerably in France too: This is the flourishing period of the French harpsichord. In the 18th century, the French imitated the Flemish harpsichords - and made them softer. The sound is less rich in the upper harmonics, less full in tone but subtle and refined. Pascal Taskin took up again 1780 the harpsichord of Andreas Rückers and gave it a lift: He widened the instrument on the left and on the right in order to be able to play the music of his time. This instrument has thus a round smooth French bass and brilliant Flemish trebles... and globally has a wonderful sound for the French and nordic literature.

Concert model

Compass: 5 Octaves, 61 notes von F1 to f3.

Disposition:two eight-foot registers, one four-foot register.
On the upper manual: soft eight-foot register, with buff stop.
On the lower manual: eight-foot and four-foot register; shove coupler for coupling to the upper manual.

Keyboard: Ebony naturals, bone topped sharps.
Front faces of the keys made of boxwood with bents.

Dimensions: 2,28 m x 0,93 m

Decoration: The case is lacquered in the colour of your choice, trims and profiles with gilt work.

Stand: Turned legs.

Transposing keyboard: 392/415/440 Hz

Price: 27 900 €